A Masonic Evolution: The New World of Freemasonry - Signed


  • Product Description

      The world is in a time of change. We are in a time of divided thoughts, beliefs, and actions. Likewise, Freemasonry is evolving. We are moving past the stagnation of the club atmosphere with our return to being Seekers of Light. This book is designed to be a guide, a trestleboard of sorts, to the changes taking place in Freemasonry. Michael R. Poll provides us with his thoughts on our Masonic past, present, and future with emphasis on our growth as Freemasons. This is a book for those who truly desire to take part in "A Masonic Evolution."

      This book is personally signed by the author.

      • Paperback: 110 pages
      • Publisher: Cornerstone Book Publishers
      • ISBN-13: 9781613423158